We cook Hongkong Traditional Taste with heart as your Comfort Food.

So Good Char Chan Tang is an upbeat casual dining café that remains true to the style and flavors of Cha Chan Tang found along the streets of modern-day HONG KONG. Having a busy day at work or a gathering with your families and friend on a weekend? Delicious classic wait for you from Breakfast all the way to Dinner.



Take a bite of the aromatic Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk and wash it down with a cup of classic Hongkong Style Milk Tea, it’s the best combination. Indulge in the flavorful own Roasted Barbeque Meats well accompanied with rice or noodles, you will definitely return for more…Slurp up our Rich Creamy Congee with the Freshest Ingredients, it will be so comforting. The most favorite Hongkong pastry and fit best for high tea – Baked Egg Tart. Delicate flakey pastry and silky, glassy egg custard and it is delicious as ever. So Good Specialty Wok Fried Rice and Noodles. It’s savory and satisfying, cannot be missed as a choice!


Now you’re sated and ready to go!

Exquisite Bakery for the Finest of Taste

Immerse yourself in our shop with a plethora of our bakery, pastries & cakes that leave you spoilt for choices. Be delighted by the sweet aroma in our shop and our bakeries that is crafted from the freshest ingredients coupled with state-of the art confectionary skills – a treat of the finest well-suited for all occasions.

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    111 Somerset 

    Char Chan Tang & Bakery

    Address: 111 Somerset Rd, #01-17 TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164

    Opening Hours: 8am – 9pm

    Tel: 6493 0338

    Capitol Piazza 

    Char Chan Tang 

    Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #01-17/18 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178884

    Opening Hours: 8am – 9pm

    Tel: 6980 6478

    Midview City 

    Char Chan Tang & Bakery

    Address: 26 Sin Ming Ln, #01-121B Midview City, Singapore 573971

    Opening Hours: 8am – 8:30pm

    Tel: 6570 2266


    Bakery & Cafe

    Address: 100 Tras St, Unit 01 – 10 & 14A, Singapore 079027

    Opening Hours: 8am – 9pm

    Tel: 6636 1661

    Republic Plaza 


    Address: 9 Raffles Place, #01 – 12, Singapore 048619

    Opening Hours: 8am – 7pm (Closed on Sat & Sun)